Confirmed Show Reservations

We’re going on the road soon!!  We have confirmed registrations at two shows so far for the season. On May 5 and 6, 2007, we will be at the Washington County Antique Fair and Flea Market at the Washington County Fairgrounds in Greenwich, NY.  We will be in Building 12, Space number 7.  I’ll have a lot of new items that have not been previewed yet on the website, or on the Spaces site!  Come on over and take a look!  We’ll also be at the 24th annual Labor Day Antiques Fair at Lasdon Park in Katonah, NY.  It’s on Monday, September 3, 2007.  This will be our first time with Cord Shows, and we are looking forward to it!  I’ll be bringing some great antique pieces to this show.  Several other shows are in the works, and I’ll post the information as soon as I have it.  Hope to see you there!!
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