Pins And Brooches As Pendants and Necklaces

At Pink Chapeau Vintage Jewelry, we have a large selection of pins and brooches.  At every show we do, we have numerous customers who will admire them, and then go on to say that "they don’t wear pins."  Well, I have two suggestions for that! Number 1-It’s time to START wearing them!  Pins and brooches are such a fun accent piece, and are so visible.  They can be used to make a statement about yourself-your interests, your beliefs, or your passions!  Number 2-Almost any pin or brooch you like can be converted into a necklace or pendant.  Many have bales built in, but at Pink Chapeau, we can also supply you with a converter and a chain to go with just about any pin you choose.  Just ask!! 
Don’t forget to check out this weeks new listings at Pink Chapeau Vintage Jewelry!  There are some gorgeous Bakelite bangles, and lots of New Avon Earring listings, including a terrific pair by Jose & Maria Barrera!
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