The Value of A Challenge

Doing something new can be intimidating, but when you are doing something new AND the results of what you do could potentially be viewed by hundreds of strangers, the prospect can be a little frightening. Worse yet, what if what you are doing will be viewed alongside the efforts of those who you consider to be the “experts” and “professionals” in your field?  Would that stop  you from doing what you wanted to do?  This is exactly what happened the first time I participated in an on line jewelry making challenge.  For me, it turned into one of the smartest moves I could make.  The fears that I had that my creation would not look as nice as everyone else’s were unwarranted.  Better still, all of the participants were so encouraging.  As a result, I signed up for two more challenges sponsored by B’sue Boutiques. These challenges have brought me in close contact with artisans and professionals who are generous with their knowledge. I have learned new techniques, and been encouraged to try using new materials.

I’m going a bit further out of my comfort zone this month by participating in another challenge from a different site.  This challenge is sponsored by Michelle Mach, and is called the Mostly Metal Challenge.  Participants purchased one of three kits, and must come up with a design using some or all of the kit materials, plus materials from thier own stash if desired.  These kits were made up of materials that were supplied by B’sue Boutiques, and a bonus “mystery” item from Michelle’s personal stash.  Here is the kit that I received.

The kit included a vintage cabochon, 6 vintage Czech glass leaves, 4 brass stampings, 4 brass bead caps,  a length of sari ribbon and my “mystery” item,  a large filigree heart pendant.  What would you do with these?

The contest entries will be revealed on August 16 as part of a blog hop. Stop back here, and see what I come up with!

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4 Responses to The Value of A Challenge

  1. I agree about the challenges. They can be very stimulating. I participated in the 4th round of the Five and Dime challenge that B’Sue hosted. I was so nervous that my pieces were not going to be any good or at least as good as everyone elses. Not so! On B’sue’s site the praise, comments, suggestions are so overwhelming with kindness, inspiration and insight that I know that I have grown as an artist. Thanks for sharing! I cannot wait to see what you make up for the Mostly Metal challenge.

  2. Deb Bee says:

    I can’t wait to see what you come up with. I’m a beginner also and just love doing jewelry. It’s so fun.!!!

  3. pinkchapeau says:

    Thanks for stopping by Michelle and Deb. I am having so much fun with all of this now, and so glad that I met wonderful people like you to learn with.

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