Creativity of a Different Sort….or a Pickle in Every Pot

Maybe that was a chicken…but for my purposes tonight, the pickle will do.  Being a participant in the Mostly Metal Blog Hop has got me thinking a lot about creativity lately.  I haven’t been making jewelry that long yet-really only  a couple of years-but I have always enjoyed making things with my hands and playing with color.  For many years, I did craft painting and ceramics-making Christmas ornaments, and decorative serving dishes-things of that sort.  I also have done a lot of scrapbooking.  I’ve dabbled in knitting, crochet, cross stich, and embroidery.

If you follow me on Facebook, you probably already know that my second favorite pastime other than jewelry is gardening. Gardening has helped to nurture that creative spirit in me, too.  Every year I lay out my garden, not only in terms of function, but in terms of visual appeal.  I want it to look nice to me, but I also want others to see and enjoy it, which is probably why I have almost as many pictures of my garden on Facebook as I do jewelry!  I pick certain types of flowers to plant with my vegetables, partially to encourage bees  to visit, but also to create a beautiful image when I look out the window.

But it doesn’t stop there.  Cooking can be an art form, and it is for many people.  Last year, I learned to can my produce, and I’ve been doing a lot more of that this year. Canning also benefits from a bit of artistry.  When I pack the jars, I not only arrange the food so it all fits, but I want all views of the jar to be pleasing to the eye.

Of course, it works both ways.  I can manipulate nature, but it can also inspire me.   If you are just starting to learn to experiment with color, take your cues from the natural world around you. What more perfect color pallete could there be than the one that God has provided for us?  Some of us are also inspired by the shapes of things, or the interactions of things.  If I plant my vines near a fence they will behave and grow totally differently than if I plant them surrounded only by other plants.

How do these pictures inspire you?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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4 Responses to Creativity of a Different Sort….or a Pickle in Every Pot

  1. Vickie says:

    Enjoyed your blog post and all the nice pictures. Cute picture of the little grasshoper! ;o)

  2. PURPLE! Love the purple. My next hair color, actually!

    • pinkchapeau says:

      Lori, I think you must mean the amaranth? Those are the flowers that were kind of cone shaped. I love them too. That plant is currently well over 6 feet tall…I should take a picture of myself next to it!!

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