Just Can’t Get Enough!!!!!!

Enough of what , you may ask??  Blog beading challenges!!!  Seems like I just finished one up…and by the way, I forgot to share with you what I came up with in that last challenge.  Here it is:

This challenge was by Fusion Beads. The top prize was a $75 gift certificate.  I didn’t win, but they did send me a coupon for 10% off!  I’m sure I will find an opportune time to use that.  If you look here, you can see all of the entries, and if you look here, you can see the winners.

Now….where was I???

Oh, yeah…the latest challenges I am participating in.  You all know by now what a big fan I am of B’sue Boutiques (you really should be buying from her shop if  you are not already!!!), and that I have participated in her previous design challenges.  The newest is the Sari Ribbon Blog Hop.  And, as if I don’t have enough to do already with the Bead Soup Blog Party, and the Sari Ribbon Party, I’ve also signed up for Michelle Machs fall Very Vintage challenge.  I believe those kits are already sold out, but you can certainly still get in on the Sari party.

I”ve got a busy Fall ahead of me, but it’s all good!!!

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5 Responses to Just Can’t Get Enough!!!!!!

  1. I am loving the challenges myself. I love what you did for the Fusion Beads challenge. I am still trying to snag a kit from one of Andrew Thornton’s monthly challenges, but those suckers just fly off the shelves. I am excited that you are doing the Very Vintage challenge too 🙂 And for the Sari party, I have some here that I am playing and experimenting with to see what I can do with it. Gonna be busy, but definitely fun!

  2. pinkchapeau says:

    The Fusion Beads one was tough…..I had the beads for a couple of weeks, but due to unforseen circumstances, I ended up coming up with my entry at the last minute the night before it was due!! You are kind to complement it….the entries that won were better than mine, and deserved to win….but I have to say that I was happy with what I came up with. It needs a few minor corrections, and then it will be for sale. Haven’t tried to get one of Andrew Thorntons challenge kits yet, but I do love his blog, and I love his creations.

  3. Deb Bee says:

    Looks like you will be very busy. I’ve been trying to think of ideas for my sari ribbon challenge. It should be fun!
    I think I want to host a blog hop one day!

  4. Amy says:

    that is so cute! love the colors, the multi-strand and the flowers!

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