Still Hopping!!!

Wow, all I can say is it’s taking me much longer to visit all of my fellow Bead Soup  participants than I expected.  (To see my Bead Soup submittal, click here.)  Part of that is by design, however.  Rather than rush through for the sake of saying I visited them all, I’m trying to S-L-O-W down …….

…..and read all of the descriptions, and carefully look at all of the creations.  Then, I am commenting on all of them as well. (Well, I”m trying to comment. It’s a shame that there is no way to do this on a couple of blogs I have visited.)   It’s the old Golden Rule thing….you, know, “Do unto others ….”

At the pace I am going, I figure I will be at this another week.  I only have about an hour or so a day that I can devote to this.  The nice thing is that as I’m going along and commenting, I’m seeing other people at about the same stage I am.

I am really enjoying this.  I am blown away by all of the talent that is out there.  Everyone has thier own unique style that has influenced thier creations.  Many of the pieces that I am viewing have inspired me to try new things, too.

If you did not make it into this last Bead Soup, I would encourage you to do the next one.

Thank you to everyone who has stopped by.  All of  your comments mean so much to me.  I am so glad to be a part of this great community.

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3 Responses to Still Hopping!!!

  1. Sara Hardin says:

    There are a LOT of participants. You can take your time!

  2. Slow and steady for me too. I want to read about each soup and savour it. I have learned so much along the way and been inspired by some of the creative solutions to little challenges that some of the participants have had.

  3. pinkchapeau says:

    Thanks, Mylene, and Sara-I am going to try to finish seeing most of them this weekend. Tomorrow is supposed to be cold and rainy here….a good day to stay indoors and blog hop!

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