Fall Challenge Update

In between my visits to the rest of the Bead Soup Blog Hop participants, I have been working on my next challenge piece.  (To see my Bead Soup entry, click here.)  This next challenge is sponsored by Michelle Mach, who you may remember was the brains behind the Mostly Metal Challenge.

This time, the theme was the Very Vintage challenge.  We all recieved Vintaj brass components,lucite leaves, and some vintage lucite beads.  In each kit, the beads were a bit different.  I’d love to show you the exact beads that I got, but I foolishly forgot to take a picture before I started manipulating them.  Here is a picture that represents a sample kit.

I completed a cute pair of earrings tonight, and the better part of a necklace.  I thought the necklace was done, but when I put it on, it was just too long.  So some minor tweaking will be done tomorrow.

On October 4th, the participants will reveal thier creations.  Make a note to stop back to see what I made, and what the other participants have made as well.

After  that, I”ll be completing my entry for B’Sue Boutiques Sari Ribbon Blog hop!  You won’t want to miss that one either.  There are some very talented and creative people participating who do amazing things with ribbon. If  you’ve been wanting to work with ribbon, that will be a good blog hop for you to check out. The reveal date on that one is October 17.

Happy Blog Hopping!!

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3 Responses to Fall Challenge Update

  1. Deb Bee says:

    Can’t wait to see it!

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