Who’s Sari Now?

That would be me! Well, not S-O-R-R-Y like this:

but SARI!  I am participating in B’Sue Boutiques Sari Ribbon Blog Hop.  And my creation is almost complete as of a few minutes ago.  Just a few finishing touches tomorrow evening. Would you like to see it?  Well, unfortunately, you can’t.  Not tonight, anyway. But if you come back here on Friday, October 14 (yes , that’s this Friday!) you’ll be able to see what I have made.  And I’ll also have links here for you to visit the other blog participants.  In the meantime, here is a sneak peek!

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5 Responses to Who’s Sari Now?

  1. Vee says:

    LOL…Love it! We have ahd “sorry” jokes in my house as well…it has been FUN! I certainly hope there is another one! ;o) Can’t wait to see your FULL view! I am certain it is LOVELY! ;o)

  2. pinkchapeau says:

    Likewise, Vee! I”m looking forward to Friday!

  3. Hilary Frye says:

    Can’t wait to see the real Sari! (In full view!) Looking forward to Friday!! Cute post!

  4. Be sure you go get the list again on Thursday night. We had some URL problems and they have all been fixed. The list as sent out yesterday was hooey, I expected as much with many participants and this being B’sue’s first hop…that’s why I posted the list early! LOL ANYWAY…..send out the alert and go get it again. ALSO: it appears in corrected form at the Event page on FB. AND: some blog systems don’t ‘translate’ the hot links, meaning you may click and they may not send. So check that! you MAY have to make them hot in your own post. OR….link back to mine on the B’sue Boutiques blog!

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