B’sue Boutiques Sari Ribbon Blog Hop Reveal

It’s finally here!!  There are so many talented artists participating in this event.  I am so grateful that you took a few minutes to stop by and see what I made!  Thank you, Brenda Sue Lansdowne for sponsoring this event, and for everything you do for all of your customers.  You are one of the kindest and most generous people I have met in my jewelry career, and I would not be anywhere near the level I am without your help and encouragement. Big HUG to you!

Believe it or not, the hardest thing about this design challenge was taking my photographs.  I ended up taking 4 sets of photos before I was happy.  You know what it’s like when you finish taking about 50 photos of your creation from all possible angles..then you upload and find some ridiculous thing out of place…or … gasp….a hair or lint on the photo!  I finally came up with a selection I could live with.  Here is the best shot I got of the entire piece, titled “Fly by Night”.  (Click on the picture to view a full screen size image.)

I am by no means an expert with Sari, but I have used it in several designs, and I enjoy working with it.  For this design I wanted to do something different.  I took one of B’sue’s crescent bases, and wrapped it tightly with one color.  I then wrapped loosely in the opposite direction with a second color.  I coated the whole thing with Mod Podge, so I sort of had a sari mummy to start with!

For the focal, I colorized B’sue flower components with Lumiere Pewter, and colorized a B’sue dragonfly stamp with Sunset Gold Lumiere on the wings.  The accent cabochons in the flower, and on the dragonfly, and the leaf are also from B’sue Boutiques.   One side of the neckline treatment is done with rough cut tumbled jasper beads accented with antiqued gold rondelles.  For the other side I used a length of gunmetal chain for one strand, sari ribbon (in the same color as the second color on the crescent) for the second strand, and a beaded chain made of black eyepins and fire polished Czech crystal in a bicolor clear and peridot.  The clasp is a gunmetal flower.

Here is a closeup of the focal…I love this shot.

Sit down and grab some popcorn, and enjoy this slideshow of various shots and angles.  Immediately  below the slideshow is a list of all the other participants.  Please go visit them and share some loving.  As for me, unfortunately, duty calls…and I will not be able to blog hop or comment until I get home from work….boohoo!!!!!!!!  I will see you all later!!!

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Sari Ribbon Party Blog Hop

Vickie Wills


Susan Kennedy

Michelle Mach

Michelle Lee Hardy

Ruth Crawford

Hilary Frye, FryeStyle

Diana P.

Brenda Sue Lansdowne, B’sue Boutiques – Our Gracious Hostess!!

Elizabeth Owens-Dwy

Connie Rios-Relyea

Jennifer Justman

Deb Davis


Cathie Carroll

Rosemary Cowit

Georgene Lockwood

Cathy Buckley

Harry Wood

Sonya Stille

Mary Deis

Heather Goldsmith

Susan Rouleau

Terry Matuszyk – You Are Here!

Pam Chesbro

Mary Shannon Hicks

Janice Everett


Kristina Johansson, Maneki

Kris Binsfeld



Catherine Jeltes


Sharon Palac

Deb Beechy

Jean Yates

Patrice Pfeiffer

Dorcas Midkiff

Lynn Perry Bennett

Linzi Alford


Cynthia Wainscott

Marie-Noel Voyer-Cramp


Alice Craddick


B’sue Boutiques Creative Group


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32 Responses to B’sue Boutiques Sari Ribbon Blog Hop Reveal

  1. I love the necklace, especially the way you used Luminere paints.

  2. Hey Terry! I love your piece:-))))) Very cool! Love all the little details:-) I guess it’s true what they say “It’s all in the details.” In this piece it sure is;-)))))

  3. I also love the necklace and the use of the Luminere paints. The details are wonderful!

  4. The biggest thing that jumps out at me here, Terry, is that you responded to the challenge….not only in making the piece, but in photographing it! We’ll have to start at thread at the Creative Group about photography as I’m sure we would all benefit. On all levels your design shows much thought and it came out GREAT! I know using sari was a new world to many of us…but a great thing to try as it’s inexpensive, and all the colors in it offer so many design possibilities. THANK YOU for being such a great part of our group at Facebook and at the Creative Group, it wouldn’t be the same with out you. I appreciate all your visits to B’sue Boutiques as well. It delights me to be able to give back by offering the Creative Book, challenges and now, our very first Blog Hop! Be sure to come to B’sue Boutiques Creative Group and add your photos there, too! http://www.flickr.com/groups/bsueboutiques/

  5. Lizscraps says:

    very interesting mix of items and the color scheme is very much a dusk/evening color palette. Perfectly titled in my opinion

  6. Diana P. says:

    That’s a great, funky, mixed-media necklace. Love it!

  7. Nice piece! Love your slide show!

  8. janice says:

    Terry – this is a really beautiful piece – very organic, rich in color (and texture) – I simply love the nature feel to it and all the little details – especially the dragonfly and flower 😉 ~J-Lynn

  9. Jennifer says:

    What a fun and creative piece! Well done! 🙂

  10. Charlene says:

    Very beautifully done!

  11. I love the necklace, in all it’s organic substantial weightiness (I love chunky!), but I found your comments re: photography even more inspiring… because I find photographing my work more difficult than creating it. B’Sue’s comment about starting a thread about photography hits home. Your photographs are lovely, and I know I could learn a trick or two from you. 🙂

  12. Harry W Wood says:

    interesting techniques.

  13. I am always awed by your work. Each piece is a distinct snippet of who you are. This piece is stunning. I love the asymmetry and your use of the crescent as a base for wrapping the sari ribbon. Gorgeous as always.

  14. what a great necklace!, so beautiful!!!

  15. Love the multi layered design! Very very nice 🙂

  16. Vee says:

    Terry, I “LOVE” your piece! I love the vivid bright colors but, not personally to wear. This is definitely something I would wear as it speaks “earth” to me! Dragonflies are a FAVORITE of mine as well…such beautiful creatures God has provided for us to enjoy! ;o)

  17. Beanzie-The Vintage Heart says:

    Terry! That is fabulous! Nicely done! xoxo

  18. Sonya Stille says:

    I love this piece. Wonderful pictures ( I still have a very hard time with this- don’t like my pics too much) The colors are great 🙂

  19. I love the way you used the ribbon to enhance the focal area. The colors and the chunky bits work so well!

  20. Jackie says:

    I love what you have done with your sari ribbon and the addition of the dragonfly just completes it beautifully!

  21. Very pretty necklace! I like how you used the ribbon to create a wrapped base. The colours are lovely too, especially the pewter againt the ribbon.

  22. This is awesome! I love the idea of the mod podge on the ribbon! I am definately going to try that…as soon as I get some real Sari Ribbon 🙂

  23. Pam Chesbro says:

    Interesting color pallette and the piece looks very contemporary even with the use of sari ribbon. Good job.

  24. Davinia says:

    To bad I didn’t had popcorn, but you slideshow was magnificent, so is your work!

    If you have passed through my website http://www.daviniadesign.com to leave me a comment then I want to apologies, as leaving comments was impossible.
    I have sorted things out now, and I really would appreciate it, if you stopped by to leave me your comment in this splendid Blog-Hop!

  25. jean yates says:

    I love this stunning piece! So glad I got the chance to see it–so different and SO pretty!


  26. cathyb says:

    really like this terry–love all the elements ((((((0)))))

  27. Beautiful work! I’ve never thought of using ModPodge in that way.

    I know exactly what you mean about the photographs. Isn’t it funny how you sometimes can’t “see” the problems like the lint until you’re viewing the photographs?

  28. Hilary Frye says:

    Like the pictures in a slideshow format! Modern color palette. Nice job!

  29. Beautiful earthy colors with a wonderful nature theme. The sari gives the design a “rusticity” (is that a word?) that compliments your theme and color choice quite nicely.

  30. Liz says:

    we meet again, this time around some Sari ribbon!! I love your design the offset of the jasperis am amzing unexpected extra focal point to the necklace. They are so organic and uniqiue that the eye is very much drawn to them as a second factor to the focal. It is almost as though you are checking out the focal but are pulled back to the Jasper as well! At least that is the way it was for me!! Well, all in al – love the piece! Lots of great colorization as well! I was not able to beat the hop because of my Dad’s passing, but I am visiting everyone yesterday and today. Hope you will have a chance to visit me @: http://www.clarityofpurplesage.blogspot.com

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