The Power of Etsy Treasury Lists

I’ve been selling on Etsy for almost a year now, and I’m still learning new things every day about how to help boost my Etsy sales and increase exposure.   I think that Etsy’s Treasury List feature is  a great way to be seen in the Etsy world.

Of course, like everyone else, when I first joined Etsy, I had no idea what a Treasury list was.  And even when I learned a little bit more about them, I didn’t really see the significance of them.  In case you don’t know what a Treasury list is, it’s basically a collection of items that the person who creates the list (the curator-who is just like you-a member of the Etsy community) has put together because he or she likes them, or thinks they go together well, or they fit a theme, or he or she just wants to feature them.   The front page of the Etsy website usually features a member created Treasury.  Here’s a treasury I created last week for Christmas.

So, how can picking out 16 items made by and sold by other members help you?  Well, first you need to understand a little bit more about Etsy…’s the power of Circles.  Circles are just what they sound like.  You create a circle around you-that may be other sellers whose work you admire, or someone you might buy supplies from, or someone you might hope to  sell to, or someone who  sells the same type of merchandise that you do.   Not only can you add people to your circle, but others can add you to thiers.

Once you create a Treasury list and post it on Etsy, everyone in your circle will get a notification in thier activity feed.   Now, if they happen to mark your list as a favorite, all of the people in thier circle can in turn see your Treasury list.  Each person that visits your Treasury sees you listed as the curator, and some of them are certainly likely to visit your shop and look at your items.

The key to creating treasuries for maximum exposure it to make your item choices diverse. Pick from a wide range of shops, and the more lists you create, the more you will be seen on Etsy! And isn’t that what we all want??

Of course, the good karma that comes from promoting others items cannot be dismissed either.  I have seen proof that the more I do to help others, it will come back to me many times over.

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