Updating My Update!!

Today was a great day for Pink Chapeau!!  Why, you ask?  Well, I pinned my IT guy in front of the computer, and together, step by step, we figured out why the information was not coming back to the website from Paypal.  Whew!!!!!!!!!!!!  It took us about 2 hours to figure it out, but we did it!  After that, we did some test purchases, and it went very smoothly.  So now I’m back on track with setting up the new store!  I hesitate to set a target launch date, but I’m going to do it anyway- Saturday, March 3.  Mark your calendars!  By setting a date, I know I will push myself to finish the store.  I have a lot of tweaking to do, and a lot of  inventory to list.  I also have to get graphics from my graphic design consultant.  Even with all that is left to do, it felt like a giant weight was lifted off our shoulders today when the IPN went through.   We were jumping up and down and dancing in the office!

Speaking of graphic design, I mentioned in my last post that my paper tags and earring cards had shipped. They arrived Friday evening, and I have to give huge KUDOS to the talented folks at Dolphin Bead. They are even nicer than I imagined.  Here’s a picture of the leverback earring cards, and the paper hangtags.

And, here’s what the post earring cards look like with earrings in them. So professional. I love it!!  I can’t wait until the first show of the season to get these things in the public eye! 

  I also got a beautiful bonus from Dolphin Bead for ordering my tags because I spent more than the required minimum.  I recieved 50 paper bags. These are really cute, and will be perfect for shows.

I can’t recommend them enough if you are looking for branded supplies. They do business cards,  all kinds of display items, and even magnets!!

I’m anxious to hear what all of you think of my new marketing materials!!

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6 Responses to Updating My Update!!

  1. Gillian says:

    These are INCREDIBLE!! Do they do the graphic for you? That’s my biggest issue right now.

    • pinkchapeau says:

      Thanks, Gillian 🙂 The graphic was actually designed by WP Pro Web Design. IF you follow the link for “graphic design consultant” in the first paragraph, it will take you straight to their page. I worked with Becky Crockett. They are fantastic, reasonable, and fast! Please let them know I sent you!

  2. Ellen Wodoslawsky Gonchar says:

    Oh……….I LOVE it all !! Have marked my calendar………am SO excited for you Terry!
    After you are done you can help me 🙂

  3. I love everything I have seen, all together on display they will look so great. Your logo is SUPER!!

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