Picture This!

Do you have a blog or a website that includes photographic images?  Do you ever use Google Images to copy and paste images into email, or on social networking sites?  Do you sell on an online venue, and wonder why your photographs never look as crisp as everyone elses?  If you can answer yes to any of these questions, please keep reading!  I have some photographic discoveries that I think you will enjoy.

I love to include pictures in my blog.  The easy way (read that as the lazy way) would be to search Google images for pictures I like, and then copy and paste them.  However, as an artisan who feels that my work is proprietary, I know that every image that shows up on a Google search was uploaded by a photographer who should be compensated for his or her work.

After a bit of research, I signed up for a stock photo website, and I chose  iStockphoto. There are others such as Shutterstock, BigStockPhoto.com, Getty Images, and many more.  There are literally hundreds of thousands of photos to choose from.  With iStockphoto, you purchase credits, and each image you buy costs a certain amount of credits depending on the size.  You don’t actually buy the image-you purchase rights to use the image.  There are different types of image licenses available, so it can be as simple as inserting something one time on a blog, or something as complex as buying 500,000 licenses to use on a cover for a book printing.

I love this image that I got from iStock.

How about photographs that you take to post in your webstore, or on Etsy or Ebay?   How do other people get them to look so bright and crisp?  Well, I found one possibility this week-Fotofuze.  I use a light box, and a white background for my photos, and most of the time, I’m very happy with them. But occasionally, I get one where the white balance is off, or the background simply looks dingy.  With Fotofuze, you upload your picture (or they pull them from your Etsy listings-they are an Etsy partner), and use a simple online tool to “highlight” your picture.  They email you when the photo is complete, usually within minutes.  You follow thier link and download your photo-simple as that!

Here’s an example of one I did.  This is a photo I submitted to B’sue Boutiques Creative Group Easy Peasy Bracelet challenge.  The first image is my original photo, the second is the fuzed photo.

There is no doubt in my mind which bracelet is more appealing.  Fotofuze is free and it’s easy.  There is a great tutorial on Handmadeology.  Give it a try!

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