Time to Break the ICE

Have you heard of ICE resin?  ICE resin is a clear resin that can be poured, molded, layered, colored, embedded, and embellished-if you can think of it, you can probably do it!  When you purchase ICE resin, you receive two bottles of liquid. One is the resin, one is the hardener.  Mix equal parts, and get to work!!  It is a fairly thick liquid that over the course of a few days will dry to a rock hard, glassy finish.

I love to try new things, and I love to learn new things.   I have been greatly inspired by Brenda Sue Lansdowne, owner of B’sue Boutiques.  Brenda also hosts a Flickr group where her customers show photos of jewelry they have created using her merchandise, and inspired by the techqniques she teaches on You Tube.  Brenda sells ICE resin, and has talked and blogged about it many times.  It was because of her encouragement that I bought some in August 2011.  And that’s as far as I got.  I’m not sure exactly why, but I can pinpoint a couple of reasons. First I rationalized to myself that it was going to take “A LONG TIME.”  What a long time was, I don’t know, but it helped my successfully avoid the resin.  The second big reason was intimidation.   There are so many talented resin artists out there, with the top in my opinion (and many others) Susan Lenart Kazmer.  What could I possibly make that was anywhere near Susan’s talent and quality?

This past weekend was a three day weekend.  I had three glorious days away from the office, and three days to play with my jewelry.  I decided that this would be the weekend to try that ICE resin that had been sitting in my workroom for almost seven months.  So, on Saturday, I prepped my molds, picked out some images and some inclusions, and made my first batch.   Here is what everything looked like on Monday morning when I finally took them out of the molds.  (Did I mention that you have to be patient with ICE resin??)

Overall, I was pleased, but I did have a few glitches that taught me a few lessons.  Most importantly, pour slowly, especially into small bezels like the bracelet I did.  One second, and it looks like you don’t have enough resin … the next thing you know, the bezel is overflowing!!  And when you are embedding objects, pour in layers, and let each layer dry before trying to embed heavy objects. They will sink!!! and then they will move around your nicely arranged bottom layer. That’s what happened to the long ones with the faux jade cabochons and the rectangular ones with the cameo and faux turquoise cabs.

Before I took everything out of the molds,  my thoughts were that my attempts were ok, and I would try again….but after I took them out, I looked at a few of them, and began to form jewelry in my mind.  With that, I spent Monday designing two necklaces which are now listed in my Etsy store.

If you have been afraid to Break the ICE like I was, I can assure you there is nothing to fear!! Give it a try-the worst that will happen is that you may get a little sticky!  You may discover that this is something  you will love creating with.

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8 Responses to Time to Break the ICE

  1. Valerie says:

    Terry this ICE technique looks like fun! I luv the green heart. Can’t wait to see more of your ICE creations.

  2. pinkchapeau says:

    Hi Val ♥
    It was loads of fun!!! I bet that you would like doing it , too!!! Could be a fun girl’s day thing for us before you leave!! Thanks for the compliment, I love that little necklace, too. I made two of the hearts, I may have to finish a second necklace.

  3. Your creations are so well done.. Maybe I should pull out that ICE resin that I have had for what seems like forever!

  4. pinkchapeau says:

    You can do it, Shell!!! I bet you would be good with it…you are so creative ♥ Might be fun to do with the kids, too!!

  5. Deb Bee says:

    i like playing with ice. I need to get some stuff out to make with it.

  6. MB says:

    Great post & very cool creations!
    I laughed out loud at “A LONG TIME”

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