Summer Fun and Neon Knot Tying

Show season is here, and it’s glorious summer.  The fashion color pallete for Summer 2012 is filled with brights, and neons are popular once again.  To celebrate summer’s return, I’ve been making some easy peasy bracelets for the young, and young at heart, for summer sales.

I have had to relearn macrame from my high school days.  The good news is that there are a lot of resources out there.  I started with a really great book, Max Lunger’s Hemp Masters which really goes through the basics nicely.  Then, with a little trial and error, I worked on different types of closures and clasps, and experimented a bit with simple knotting techniques.

These bracelets are a lot different than my usual style, but sometimes  you need a “quick win” to keep you recharged.  This type of jewelry is just fun, and you can get creative with different types of cord and beads, and knotting techniques.  You can make two or three of them in an evening, and they will easily sell, or they make great gifts, too.  (I am having fun wearing them, too!!)

Making these is relaxing and fun-give it a try!    For ideas on different types of closures and clasps, I will write about that here in about a week or so.   Stop by for some fun ideas on how to make fasteners that you can use with other techniques as well.

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7 Responses to Summer Fun and Neon Knot Tying

  1. This looks like show much fun! I need to really get back to basics with my jewelry designs. I am thinking cords, knotting, stringing .. Thanks for sharing your pics 🙂

  2. Deb Bee says:

    Yes I see some other people doing macrame again. It must be back in style along with the bright colors. I’d like to get that book!

  3. Ellen Wodoslawsky Gonchar says:

    Always one step ahead! Super neat idea and pieces 🙂

  4. pinkchapeau says:

    thanks Ellen, Deb, and Shell for visiting….make sure you stop by again and learn how to make the clasps. Deb, the book is great..fully illustrated, and easy to follow, and funny, too.
    Shell, I almost deleted your comment without reading it, LOL!!.

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