Bead Soup Blog Party

I have signed up for Lori Anderson’s Bead Soup Blog Party once again.  My partner is Katherine Gale, and she is the personality and creative genius behind Terra Beadworks.  Her jewelry is beautiful!!!  She does the most amazing free form bead stitching.  She and I have similar tastes, and in many ways, our creative paths have been similar.

I packaged her beads up this afternoon, and they will be taking a trip to the post office this Tuesday on their way to her!!

I bet you would love to see them, wouldn’t you??? Well, we are not supposed to show until our partner gets their beads, but I think I can give  you a little sneak peek  🙂

Don’t forget to stop back on the 28th to see the finished Bead Soup pieces!!

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3 Responses to Bead Soup Blog Party

  1. Can’t wait to see!

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