From Bead Soup to Vegetable Soup

Ok, I admit it…but you know I’m not the only one.  I’m obsessed with everything Bead Soup lately.  I have visited numerous blogs to look at other people’s beads.  I’ve looked at them on Facebook.  I’ve read about them on Facebook.  I’ve followed links on Twitter.  And I keep playing with my own beads to try to decide what I am going to do with them.

So I needed to take a little time out this weekend to tend to my vegetable garden.  I’m happy to say that I have my own little soup brewing outside my window.

These pretty flowers will turn into lovely purple beans in about 10 days.

I’m training my cucumbers to grow along the fence.  It’s interesting the way they tie themselves to the metal.

Here’s another of one of the tendrils…doesn’t it look just like something you would make with jewelry wire?

These will soon be tomatoes.

Here is the marigold plant that I wrote about a couple of weeks ago. You can see that it has gotten big and strong!

My husband and I feed and water the birds, chipmunks and squirrels that live in our yard. They are quite used to me, and every time I go outside to work, I have company!

He or she is not so much interested in beads…but does love bread!

I have many more pictures of my vegetable garden, as well as many of my jewelry creations posted on my facebook pages- my business page is where you’ll find most of the jewelry pictures, and my personal page contains most of the garden pictures.  Feel free to “like” my Pink Chapeau page, or Subscribe to my personal page to view my albums.

And now, I’ve got to get back to my bead soup 🙂  My reveal date is the 28th, so I don’t have much time!!!

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2 Responses to From Bead Soup to Vegetable Soup

  1. Tanya says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE. Great blog thank you Love and hugs Tanya

  2. pinkchapeau says:

    Thanks for your visit, and the love, Tanya!!!

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