In The Pink

IF you are at all familiar with the Bead Soup Blog Party, chances are you know who Lori Anderson is.  She is the talented lady who is the mastermind behind this fun event.

When I first got involved in making jewelry, I turned to the internet for inspiration, knowledge, and camaraderie.  Throughout the past few years, there have been a few people who have stood out as people who embody what I would like to achieve in my chosen path.    Lori is one of them, and I’m pleased as punch “to go pink” for her….although, as you can see, for me, pink is a way of life!!

Why pink, you ask?   Lori has the most beautiful bright pink accents in her hair!

Going pink for Lori is my way of honoring her  and saying thank you to  her for her love, talent, inspiration, attitude, energy and warmth.  When you join the Bead Soup Blog Party, you become part of an event, but it feels more like family.  Lori fusses over every small detail, and goes out of her way to make sure everyone is accommodated, and able to participate.  She constantly communicates with all of us to check on our progress, just like a good mom should.  And on reveal day, like a proud mom, she is sure she visits each and every blog, and comments on each person’s creation.  And her comments show that she has actually taken the time to read each entry, and look at all of the pictures.

So, Lori, this one’s for you, with much love and appreciation.

Oh, and here’s some pie, too!

Please take a moment to visit the other participants who have paid tribute to Lori today.

Gail Vanderster-Zwang

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Leslie Wayment​blog

Kelley Katherine Hagerty-Fogle  http://​www.mylifeonebeadatatime.blogsp​

Sheila Davis http://​www.stonedesignsbysheila.blogsp​

Amanda Effron  http://​

‎Solange Collin  http://​

Jennifer Chasalow VanBenschoten   http://​

Isolina Perez  http://​

Toltec Jewels

Sherri Stokey

Mary Howell Govaars

Bee Kuhlman http://​

Lynnea Perry Bennett   http://​

Alicia Marinache

Heather Otto

Kimberly Flood  http://​www.goddessesandbeads.blogspot.​com

Courtney White Breul http://​

Lisa Liddy

Marlene Cupo  http://​amazingdesigns-marlene.blogspot​.com

Marianne Baxter  http://​www.simplyseablimejewelry.blogs​

Mária Horváth   http://​

Andrea Beth Trank

Heidi Mansfield Kingman  http://​

Emoke Schmidt

Sandra MrtzDiaz www.petaloazuljewelry.blogspot​.com

Lupe Meter  http://​

Tanya Boden http://​

Ambra Chicandfrog http://​

Kumi Fisher http://​

Sandra Young

Sandi Marinaro Volpe

Gretchen Nation  http://​

Mimi Gardner  http://​www.othercuriosities.blogspot.c​om

Marian Hertzog http://​

Sonya Ingersoll-Stille http://​

Terry Matuszyk   http://​

Audrey Belangér  http://​

Sandra McGriff http://​

Shelley Graham Turner http://​www.shelleygrahamturner.blogspo​

Sally Bohner Anderson  www.wildsallyroad.blogspot​.com

Mowse Doyle

Judy Daly Reganti

Brenda Lee Sigafoos

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11 Responses to In The Pink

  1. antiquitytravelers says:

    What a lovely tribute you ladies have pulled together!

  2. Terry, you described Lori so well…and I love the hat! Thanks for participating. ~ Shelley

  3. Marlene C says:

    Great post. And hmmmmmm that pie looks good. Got enough for all of us???

  4. Lea Avroch says:

    So cute! Pass the pie! Don’t mind if I do. 😉

  5. windbent says:

    She has a great sense of humor! I didn’t know that until I corresponded with her.

  6. Terry,

    I read your post this morning 🙂 You are so right on with your lovely tribute – Lori gives so much it is amazing! Love your pink picture and pie!

    big hugs

  7. Sandra says:

    hmmmm pie… 🙂 Thanks for taking part 😀

  8. Adorable pic — and pie, too?! Lori will love this!!! 🙂

  9. You look awesome! And what a great pie!!!!! Thank you so much!

  10. Ahowin says:

    Beautiful tribute to Lori., and this pie, must taste very good!

  11. Kumi Fisher says:

    Great post and loved your Pink with the hat!

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