A Request for Help

Hurricane Sandy has left thousands of Americans without access to food, water, clean clothes, electricity and heat.  Many are homeless.  The hurricane was especially hard on our society’s most vulnerable-the poor and the elderly, as you’ll see if you take a look at this link.  Whitney Hess has done a wonderful job of bringing a human story to the news stories about deaths due to the hurricane.

Of course, property damage is widespread and amounts to astronomical numbers.  The following pictures were taken in Belle Harbor by an acquaintance of mine.

I have posted a lot of information on my Facebook page daily in an effort to keep people informed and engaged.  Our lives may be back to normal, but normal is far from what many are living right now.

You can look at my facebook page for links to other news stories and information.  Even if we are not “friends,” I purposely made all of my Sandy links public so all can see them.

I have set up a fundraising page which links to Mercury One’s fundraising efforts.  You can give anonymously if you like. I know this sounds very trite , but no donation is too small. It all adds up.  With Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up, it is more important than ever to show love and kindness to our fellow man.   And it always comes back to you.

With my next blog post, we’ll get back to the topic of jewelry. Thanks for taking the time to read, and thanks for your help.

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