Fall 2012 Trend -Brooches

Take a look at the top fashion magazine and trend news for Fall and Winter, and you can’t help but notice that blingy brooches with  BIG stones and bright colors are all over the place.  This is NOT your grandma’s brooch!  They are worn as accents all over – lapels, hipline, accenting purses or bags, or even the pocket of your jeans.  Use them to clip on a scarf.

Nieman Marcus says about them:  “One adds newness. A cluster adds drama.”  Wearing them in multiples is not only fashionable, but it’s fun!

Pink Chapeau has a large selection of brooches in many styles.  Keep looking at our ebay auctions over the next few weeks as we feature fashion forward brooches and pins.  Here are some examples.

And our fun and fashionable jewelry is always affordable!!!

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2 Responses to Fall 2012 Trend -Brooches

  1. deb beechy says:

    I was at sams club yesterday and noticed that the jewelry there was big and blingy

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