Spring and Summer 2013 Fashion Forecast, Part 1

BRRRR….even though we are still feeling the chill of winter , it’s time to look ahead happily to Spring and Summer.  You’ve probably already seen the colors and styles we can look forward to  this season in your local department stores, on line at websites like Pinterest, where  you can follow me ♥, or in catalogs or magazines you read at home.

The folks at Pantone are always ahead of the curve putting together the season’s IT colors.  No study of upcoming trends is complete without looking at these colors.  Of course, Pantone also names a Color of The Year. This color is featured year round in clothing and jewelry designs, and for this year, it is emerald.


This cameo necklace is featured in my store at The Craftstar

Rounding out the Spring/Summer palette are Grayed Jade, Dusk Blue, Tender Shoots, Lemon Zest, African Violet, Linen, Monaco Blue, Poppy Red, and Nectarine.


Grayed Jade

Easter egg

Dusk Blue

Macro crocus flowers

African Violet, Nectarine, Linen, and Tender Shoots

It’s probably no surprise that pastels will be the dominant  colors this season, but Pantone has rounded the palette out with a couple of brights for pop.

Monaco Blue, Poppy Red, Lemon Zest and Tender Shoots

Monaco Blue, Poppy Red, Lemon Zest and Tender Shoots

The bright red and blue will also be part of the return of the nautical/naval trend. This look comes and goes , but is always a fun look for summer.  The red and blue combined with white also make this combination perfect for all of the patriotic summer holidays.


Sarah Coventry Brooch, Will be listed in my Ebay store this week.

I think that Grayed Jade is one of the more unusual colors for the season.  To me, it is a cross between a light gray, pale green, and a sky blue.  My ebay store will be featuring several vintage items in this shade that will perfectly accent this summers fashions.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

On the left is an Avon necklace, circa 1980’s, and on the right, a fun circa 1960’s necklace still with the original “Genuine Lucite” tag.

Nectarine is reminiscent of last years color of the year Tangerine Tango, but a bit softer, with a less orangey look.


Sarah Coventry 1980’s Acrylic Necklace

???????????????????????????????Here’s a beautiful pastel brooch, and a very old one, too. This is done in pot metal, and features a plastic pink center with a rhinestone accent. The petals and leaves are painted in pastels. This brooch circa dates to the 1930’s.

Be sure to come back this weekend, and I’ll talk more about specific styles that incorporate these colors, as well as featuring more items that will be for sale.

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1 Response to Spring and Summer 2013 Fashion Forecast, Part 1

  1. Great post Terry! You did a fabulous job of representing the 2013 colors.

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