Come for Some Soup!!

It’s been simmering all week-I hope you enjoy it!  Let’s get started by reviewing my ingredients.  They were sent to me by my Bead Soup partner Inge Von Roos.  You can take a look at them here.  My job was to come up with a delicious recipe for these soup ingredients, and then bring it to life for you.

Inge’s beads are so beautiful, and because they were all hand made by her, the challenge for me was to come up with designs that would showcase the beads without overpowering them.  Because I hadn’t made anything substantial in quite a while, I decided to start with something basic, and thought that earrings would be the perfect way for me to start.

I chose a pair of the bumpy beads to start with because I loved the bright colors, and the fun texture.  I wanted them to be the shining stars for this basic  recipe, so I chose textured bead caps that would mirror the texture, and displayed them on sterling silver earwires.


I decided to stick with earrings for the next couple of designs.  For this pair, I chose two of the beads with green and blue swirls.  I wanted to add a bit of elegance to them, and draw the viewers eye into the beads.  I paired them with Czech fire polished crystals, Swarovski Rondelles, and 14KGF ear wires.


For the last pair of earrings, I wanted to use the Fine Silver flowers that Inge had chosen for me.  The centers of the flowers seemed to be calling for “something,” so I set them with a pair of Swarovski stones.  Then I paired them with vintage Czech glass butterflies with a peacock finish, and Sterling Silver Filled earwires.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    Now that the soup was warming up, and so was I ,   I wanted to make my next recipe a bit more elaborate.  I had said right from the start that the pastel dichroic glass beads were my favorites, so I chose one of them to work with.  Again, I wanted the bead to stand out, but give it just the right amount of highlights.  The pattern in the bead said “shell” to me, and combined with the blue color inspired me to choose an aquatic theme.  I added a silver plated turtle, and a silver plated shell.  One of the Czech dagger beads that Inge had sent was arranged with the shell, and three small Swarovski bicones helped to align the design and add a bit of sparkle.  I hung it from a Sterling silver filled chain.

P3240098 (2).JPG

With two days left to go before the reveal date, I decided to challenge myself by creating a piece with as much “handmade” touches as I could.  I had fallen in love with the tree focal that Inge made, and chose that for the showpiece for this design.   I chose vintage Czech glass beads in cream and green, and used chose brown Artistic Wire to join everything.  I used the wire to create the beaded chain, and I also made all of the jump rings and the clasp.  I chose  a birds nest and a leaf from my inventory and paired it with one of the Czech leaves that Inge had sent to me, and created a decorative dangle accent at the base of the focal.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      Thank you for coming by to sample my soup.  Please go and visit my partner Inge Von Roos and our hostess Lori Anderson , and all of the other wonderfully talented people who are a part of this blog hop.  Please also take the time to leave a comment for me in the area at the end of the list….I’d love to know what you think of  my creations !

Claire Fabian

Jennifer Strehler

Rochelle Brisson

Annita Wilson

Melissa Trudinger

Loralee Kolton

Valerie Tilghman

Mischelle Andrade

Elizabeth Bunn

Marianna DeLuca Wehner

Johana Nunez

Jenny Kyrlach

Elizabeth Hodges

Lennis Carrier

Candida Castleberry

Mary Govaars

Sandi James

Arlene Dean

Kristina Eleniak

Nan Smith

Nadine Edris

Denise McCabe

Donna Marie Hanna

Audrey Belanger

Nicole Rennell

Robin Reed

Gail Zwang

Terry Jeanette Carter

Donna Hoblit Ann Schroeder

Klaudete Koon

Veralynne Malone

Lorelei Eurto

Ann  Sherwood

Jackie Locantore

Mowse Doyle

Dorit Woldenga

Cheri Reed

Dolores Raml

Palak Udeshi

Laurie Vyselaar

Heather Canepa

Dorothy Supri

Sharyl King

Elaine Robitaille

Heather Marston

Andra Weber

D’Arsie Manzella

Sooz Anzalone

Karin King

Leona Smith

Tania Spivey

Jasvanti Patel

Danielle Kelley

Shai Williams

Jacqueline Marchant

Erin Kenny

Becky Pancake

Kelly Schermerhorn

Renetha Stanziano

Rana Wilson

Janine Lucas

Kelly Hosford Patterson

Andrea Glick

Joanne Bell

Sarah Strover

Sam Waghorn

Helena Hatten

Jackie Ryan

Bridget Torres

Inge von Roos

Krafty Max

Iveth Caruso

Rebecca Ednie

Amy Severino

Sandra Wollberg

Blanca Medina

Dyanne Everett-Cantrell

Samantha Wescott

Christine Stonefield

Silke Groeber

Alenka Obid

Lori Bowring Michaud

April Grinaway

Yvette Goodridge

Kathy Lindemer

Kathleen A Breeding

Joyce Becker

Pam Farren

Divya N

Sherri Stokey

Terri DelSignore

Kate Gonska

Jean Wells

CJ Bauschka

Bonnie Coursolle

Barb Fernald

Noemí Baena

Dana Phillips

Karen Firnberg

Michelle  Escano Caballero

Natalie Ettinger

Valerie Norton

Rachel Mallis

Denise Milward

Bobbie Rafferty

Vonna Maslanka

Elisabeth Auld

Hannah Rosner

Carla Fry

Terri Gauthier

Teresa Fischer

Tanya Goodwin

Barbara Judy Leanne Loftus

Carrie Stalcup

Lori Schneider

Joelyn Bissing

Kate Dufour

Gail Poveda

Katie Nielsen-Nunez

Pam DeBoer

Dee Elgie

Judy Jacobs

Elisabeth Matouschek

Shawn Elkins

Sally Russick

Susan McClelland

Tracy Stillman

Robin Lynne Showstack

Marianne Baxter

Maria Rosa Sharrow

Therese Frank

Sandi Volpe

Leslie Scholz

Joan Williams

Laura Guenther

Liz Engriser


Bev Breisinger

Radel Vela

Kim Dworak

Carol Dillman

Alice Craddick

Janeen Burlingame

Leah Curtis

Ann Marie Hodrick

Donna Millard

Hajer Waheed Khalil

Lucy Clasen

Michelle McCarthy

Maria Rios
Babette Cox

Natalie Davidson

Brenda Ballou

Christina Hickman

Heather Gunther

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35 Responses to Come for Some Soup!!

  1. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous I love all your creative pieces

  2. ingetraud says:

    Wow. Good job! I love all your pieces. My favorite is the necklace. It has inspired me. I made a pendant from one of my tree beads and now plan to turn it into a necklace.
    It was wonderful having you as a partner. I had a lot of fun working with the beads you sent me.

  3. Ann says:

    Beautiful! You totally rose to your own challenge, the tree focal necklace is a triumph.

  4. sjmcclelland says:

    Gorgeous beads, Each of your designs does a great job of show casing them.

  5. Hi Terry, Good job on the earrings. They all look fun. The aquatic theme is perfect for the lovely pastel dichroric shell bead and I like the simple silver with it. The tree focal necklace is awesome. It is a real statement necklace. The dark wire that you used accents it very well.

  6. windbent says:

    You might convince me to wear more silver with that ocean theme piece, but you really had me at the tree piece (of course).

  7. CJ Bauschka says:

    Oh my lot’s of pretties! Love the tree pendant. You did an awesome job on all your creations.

  8. While all of your designs are quite pretty, that last necklace speaks to me. It’s so earthy, and it makes me want to go take a walk in a forest! Your wire work is impeccable, too. Inge made a lovely focal, and you ran with it. Nicely done.

  9. Barb Fernald says:

    Great collection! I love the blue shell piece with your added sea themed charms. The tree piece came out so well, too. Nice job!

  10. Janine Lucas says:

    What a wonderful collection of jewelry. You made great use of your soup.

  11. Jackie says:

    Wow you made some wonderful things! Such pretty earrings and I love the necklace and that tree bead just speaks to me.

  12. Melissa says:

    Wonderful pieces, especially that tree necklace!

  13. kraftymax says:

    Love them all, but the blue ‘shell’ and turtle are just perfect!! Great job!! ~KM

  14. jv says:

    Everything is so very pretty you did a great job on all your creations.. I really like the last necklace you created!

  15. Love all the mix of beautiful colors and textures! great pieces!

  16. LOVE them!!! The ammonite dichro necklace is beautiful!

  17. The earrings are lovely. Those pendants are amazing! Your work is beautiful!

  18. Bobbie Rafferty says:

    Lovely work! Great colors to work with, and you made some great pieces with them.

  19. joyce becker says:

    Boy, you received such a lavish stash of beads. I love the pieces you made (and happen to be an earring freak too – love all the lampwork earrings). The tree focal was outstanding, as well as the completed design, that’s not to say the other pieces were sub par. Fabulous soup, fabulous job.

  20. Very pretty pieces. I really like your attention to detail, using themed beads like the leaves and nest with the tree focal and the sea theme awesome, I love little touches that tie things together like that. Lovely!

  21. What a fabulous soup with gorgeous results! I especially love the tree necklace!

  22. Elisabeth says:

    I love what you did with all that beautiful lamp work – the rich colors in the green necklace are amazing! I love green and copper together!

  23. sam w says:

    So many wonderful pieces! loving all the earrings and the shell necklace is fantastic.

  24. Christina says:

    You have some very lovely pieces! I love love love the lampwork tree necklace!

  25. What gorgeous designs! All of your earrings are ones that would catch and hold the attention. The ‘sea’ necklace is one that would get a lot of use with my wardrobe and the tree necklace looks like it came out of a forest.

  26. Rachel says:

    Very pretty! I really like the green and gold earrings!

  27. motidana says:

    What unique and wonderful creations! I love the tree focal necklace the best .

  28. Elizabeth Bunn says:

    Lots of pretty work here. Great job.

  29. What fun pieces you created! I really like your addition of the crystals in the roses. It was the perfect touch! And those bumpy bead earrings. . .fun is indeed the right word. I hope you had a good time while creating these beauties!

  30. Dyanne Everett-Cantrell says:

    I saw the green spotted lampwork earrings and thought “those are so cute and my favorite!”. Then I saw the green swirl earrings and thought, “No. These are my favorite!” AND then I saw the butterflies! And i KNEW they were my favorite! But the necklace takes the cake!!

  31. The dichroic piece is so pretty, and love how different it is from the tree bead. You got to cover ALL the colors! 🙂

  32. vem030956 says:

    Wow I am with everyone else…they are all beautiful! I love them all, and would wear them all. Great job!

  33. Classy pieces from the tree to the sea..fabulous work!

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