Welcome Back, Stranger!

Well, hello little blog of mine! I have missed you!

I’m sorry, but life has so gotten in the way of keeping in touch with you regularly, dear blog.  I spent a lot of time in the spring with gardening, planting seeds, and tending to my small plants.

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

Then things started growing like crazy!!!  Soon it was time to harvest!



Then it went really nuts, with everything coming in at once.  I furiously canned and froze, almost every evening after work.



Whew,,,,it finally ended in the fall, and once again, I returned to my other love-making jewelry.


So now, it’s time to return to you, little blog.  I’m not going to promise that I’ll be here every day, but I will try to make it at least once a week.

And just because I feel like celebrating, I’ll be awarding a pair of Christmas earrings to one lucky person who reads and comments on this blog entry.  I will do a random drawing from all entries for a pair of Swarovski Crystal Christmas Tree earrings in your choice of Sterling Silver Filled, or 14K Gold Filled Earwires.


All you have to do is comment below!!!!  Please make sure you stop by again.  I try to make my blog entries succinct, yet entertaining, and sometimes informative.  My usual subjects are gardening, canning, cooking, or jewelry.  This year I’ll be adding a new topic, as my husband and I recently adopted a pair of Bengal cats.


I look forward to seeing you again!

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8 Responses to Welcome Back, Stranger!

  1. Gerry says:

    Welcome back…the cats are adorable

  2. Great to see you blog again~~and of course I am totally in love with your kitties!!

  3. Gillian says:

    I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who’s life changed drastically and blogging fell by the wayside.

    Its good to see you back.

    Your kitties are beautiful.

    Merry Christmas ❤

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