Welcome Back, Stranger!

Well, hello little blog of mine! I have missed you!

I’m sorry, but life has so gotten in the way of keeping in touch with you regularly, dear blog.  I spent a lot of time in the spring with gardening, planting seeds, and tending to my small plants.

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

Then things started growing like crazy!!!  Soon it was time to harvest!



Then it went really nuts, with everything coming in at once.  I furiously canned and froze, almost every evening after work.



Whew,,,,it finally ended in the fall, and once again, I returned to my other love-making jewelry.


So now, it’s time to return to you, little blog.  I’m not going to promise that I’ll be here every day, but I will try to make it at least once a week.

And just because I feel like celebrating, I’ll be awarding a pair of Christmas earrings to one lucky person who reads and comments on this blog entry.  I will do a random drawing from all entries for a pair of Swarovski Crystal Christmas Tree earrings in your choice of Sterling Silver Filled, or 14K Gold Filled Earwires.


All you have to do is comment below!!!!  Please make sure you stop by again.  I try to make my blog entries succinct, yet entertaining, and sometimes informative.  My usual subjects are gardening, canning, cooking, or jewelry.  This year I’ll be adding a new topic, as my husband and I recently adopted a pair of Bengal cats.


I look forward to seeing you again!

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Hungry for Some Soup??

Dig in!!!  This is the weekend of the big reveal , where you can view not only my bead soup creations, but slightly more than 200 of my closest friends.

The Bead Soup Blog Party is hosted by Lori Anderson.  This is a true labor of love for Lori, and I have been fortunate to be a part of this several times.

My partner for this round of Bead Soup is Natalie Moten.  Natalie was primarily a quilter, who recently discovered jewelry making as another creative outlet.

Here is the soup I got from Natalie.


Front and center, you can see the gorgeous focal that Natalie made for me.  I wanted to use this , of course,  but it was a bit tricky to come up  with something that would showcase Natalie’s flower without overpowering it.  I am happy with my design, and I am looking forward to wearing this with my summer clothes.

New Image

I decided to go with an asymmetrical design, and I split the toggle clasp that Natalie sent. I used the ‘dogbone’ portion with one of the “D” shaped turquoise beads, and used a free form wire wrap to attach the “D” bead to the chain.  I knotted teal blue silk cord for the portion behind the neck.  For the matching earrings, I used some malachite chips for the darker stone because the dark blue ones were a bit large for the earring dangles.


For my second piece, I used another of Natalie’s handmade focals. This time, it was the birds nest.  I paired it with the small crystals that Natalie sent, and used vintage Czech seed beads from my stash, as well as a gunmetal toggle and earwires that I had on hand.


A better view of Natalies bird nest, next to the matching earrings I made.


For my last piece, I used the pink/fuchsia beads in a stretch bracelet.  I love these bracelets, but I hardly ever make them, and I don’t know why that is….they are easy to make, and they are good sellers.  I should make more of them!!


I wanted to make one other item but unfortunately ran out of time…however, I did get the focal piece made, and I was so excited about it, I wanted to share that, even though the necklace is uncomplete.  I took the round part of the toggle, and paired with one of the crystal beads that seemed to fit perfectly in the hole.  I wired it in with a bit of 28 gauge wire.


I hope you enjoyed looking at my creations, and I hope my partner Natalie is pleased with what I made.  Please be sure to go visit her blog, and take a look with what she made with the beads I sent her.


Please be sure to visit our lovely hostess, Lori’s  blog also, and show her some much deserved love.

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Bead Soup Reveal Date

Our hostess for the Bead Soup blog party , Lori Anderson, has been dealing with some health issues, and has postponed the reveal date for the third Bead Soup. You can check back here on April 27 to see what I have made!!! I hope I do justice to my partner Natalie Moten’s  wonderful beads. Just a reminder-here is what she sent me to work with.???????????????????????????????I just love this color palette, and she sent me so many fun things.

And here is another peek at what I sent her.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhat would YOU make with these soups??  Don’t forget to visit on the 27th, and see what we have come up with!

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Hop Like a Bunny This Easter Weekend!

This weekend is  the first reveal of Lori Anderson’s Bead Soup Blog Party. Although I am not a part of this reveal, many of my talented friends are.  Please take a look and see what they have made.

Oh, and just a reminder….my reveal is April 13!


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My Partner Got Her Soup!

My partner , Natalie Moten, has updated her blog with pictures of the soup she recieved from me.  Here’s a look at what I sent her.


I sent two focals….I wasn’t sure which one I would like better, but then when I got them, I fell in love with both of them, and though it best for Natalie to choose which one she wanted to use.   Both are lampworked glass. The free form one is by Aimee Milan of Polychrome Beads.  The tubular shaped one is by Robyn Kirkman of FireSong Creations. That  one  came all the way from Queensland, Australia!!  I also chose  a lovely handforged copper toggle created by Maria Scott of SunStones of the Southwest.  There are more handmade beads, in the form of colorful spacers, and a pretty swirled lampwork by Jodie Marshall.  Because I am such a lover of vintage pieces,  I wanted to include some vintage components, too.  I found those at Yummy Treasures.  I have included some tan beads with miniature floral prints, and some Czech teardrop glass beads. There are also cream colored faceted Czech beads (with two jade color accent beads) from Five Sisters.  Last but not least , I included some gemstone beads from Fire Mountain gems.  The larger tan/peachy beads are red aventurine, and the smaller red beads are dyed howlite.

Please remember to come back on April 13 to see what we have made!  And take a few minutes to visit the shops of the suppliers of the soup ingredients, too!

And here’s a quick reminder of the soup I got from Natalie. What would YOU make with it?


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Soup Has Arrived !!!!!!

Did I mention previously that I had an awesome partner for this year’s Bead Soup Blog Party??  Well, just in case I didn’t, let me now say it.  My partner, Natalie Moten, is awesome!!  Just look at the goodies she sent me, all the way from Anchorage to their new home in upstate NY!!!!!!!

Here is how everything looked as I took it out of the box.


Right away, you probably noticed a bright pink bead on top of the leopard box just like I did….we’ll get to that in a moment.  The top left is a package that was labeled as soap.

And guess what?? It is soap!  From an artisan in Wasilla, Alaska, Swan Mountain Soap.  It is called One Thousand Roses, and those are rose petals embedded into the top of the soap.  It smells great, too! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA But I digress….back to the beads.  I couldn’t resist opening that leopard box to solve the mystery of the pink bead.  Inside the box was a gorgeous flower handcrafted by Natalie from beads and metal stampings.  The pink bead was at the center of the flower, and to fit in the box, Natalie had put a hole in the top that the pink bead could fit through.  It made for a great mystery! There was also a smaller flower and a birds nest that Natalie had made.


Natalie’s handmade focals. Aren’t these amazing?

Next, I peeked through the top of the little tin, and saw all kinds of sparkling goodness.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I poured out the contents of the tin, and all of these beauties were in there.


Here is a look at the entire soup.


I am absolutely in love with this soup.  I adore bold and bright colors, and being a lover of vintage, the big flower focal just calls to my heart.  I am so touched that Natalie made this for me.  Be sure to come back on April 13 and see what I have made with my soup!!

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Traveling Soup

I am currently packaging up my soup ingredients to send to my partner, Natalie Moten.  Natalie started out as  quilter, and was recently introduced to creating jewelry, and has found a new creative outlet.

Natalie and I both love lots of color, and her quilting appeals to me because of all the lovely brights. She has a great eye for pattern and design, and I’m sure she is going to make something beautiful with these pretty beads that I will be putting in the mail first thing Tuesday morning.


They are going to travel a long way!  I am in upstate New York, and Natalie lives in Anchorage, Alaska! How cool is that?

I am looking forward to receiving my beads from Natalie, and I’ll share them with you as soon as I get them!

Natalie and I are in the third reveal on April 13.  Please make sure you come back on that day to see what I have made🙂

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