My Partner Got Her Soup!

My partner , Natalie Moten, has updated her blog with pictures of the soup she recieved from me.  Here’s a look at what I sent her.


I sent two focals….I wasn’t sure which one I would like better, but then when I got them, I fell in love with both of them, and though it best for Natalie to choose which one she wanted to use.   Both are lampworked glass. The free form one is by Aimee Milan of Polychrome Beads.  The tubular shaped one is by Robyn Kirkman of FireSong Creations. That  one  came all the way from Queensland, Australia!!  I also chose  a lovely handforged copper toggle created by Maria Scott of SunStones of the Southwest.  There are more handmade beads, in the form of colorful spacers, and a pretty swirled lampwork by Jodie Marshall.  Because I am such a lover of vintage pieces,  I wanted to include some vintage components, too.  I found those at Yummy Treasures.  I have included some tan beads with miniature floral prints, and some Czech teardrop glass beads. There are also cream colored faceted Czech beads (with two jade color accent beads) from Five Sisters.  Last but not least , I included some gemstone beads from Fire Mountain gems.  The larger tan/peachy beads are red aventurine, and the smaller red beads are dyed howlite.

Please remember to come back on April 13 to see what we have made!  And take a few minutes to visit the shops of the suppliers of the soup ingredients, too!

And here’s a quick reminder of the soup I got from Natalie. What would YOU make with it?


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3 Responses to My Partner Got Her Soup!

  1. Fabulous assortment that you sent to your bead soup partner! My first instinct on what to make from yours was a bracelet with the flower as the focal, second would be an off to the side floral necklace 🙂

  2. pinkchapeau says:

    The big flower is a bit to heavy for a bracelet….however, an asymmetrical necklace does sound intriquiging. I haven’t even started playing with the beads yet, so who knows what will pop into my mind!!!

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